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'KENNEY CONSULTANCY LTD':   is a registered limited company in the UK - No - 11961093


'CLIENT':  an individual or business that employs and pays for the services of the COMPANY.   

'AGENT': a representative of the COMPANY that sells and invoices on its behalf.

'WRITTEN SUPPORT':  the service of correcting written English language text.

'CONVERSATION SUPPORT':  the service of regular conversations.

'EDITOR':  someone who supplies WRITTEN SUPPORT on behalf of the COMPANY.

'PRICE':  the agreed price that the COMPANY requires from the CLIENT to fulfil a piece of WORK.

‘CURRENCY’:  accepted CURRENCY for payment.

‘PAYMENT’:  payment for WORK.

‘ORDER’:  the number of hours a CLIENT purchases from the COMPANY.

‘WORK’:  all text, communication, correspondence that the CLIENT needs the COMPANY to work on.

‘TEXT’:  written text (email, letter, marketing, website etc) supplied by the CLIENT.


- All ORDERS are measured by the hour.

- PLACED ORDERS:  the COMPANY will not accept a reduction in hours nor prices once an ORDER is placed and paid for. 



- INVOICE:  the COMPANY or AGENT will invoice a CLIENT for all ORDERS.  PAYMENT will be made to specified bank and in specified CURRENCY.

- STATEMENT:  the COMPANY or AGENT will provide the CLIENT a statement after the end of every piece of WORK done listing time taken and balance remaining.

- PAYMENT:  PAYMENT is upfront.  No WORK will be delivered to client unless PAYMENT is received in advance.

- CURRENCY:  the COMPANY will accept GBP (BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) or EURO (at HSBC exchange rate at the time).  However payment to an AGENT is at the AGENT's discretion. 

- BANK CHARGES / FOREIGN EXCHANGE:  the COMPANY will not be liable for the CLIENT’s internal bank, or foreign exchange, charges unless a prior arrangement between the CLIENT and the COMPANY or AGENT has been agreed to.  

- CONFIDENTIALITY:  the COMPANY will treat everything with the utmost confidentiality and will treat the CLIENT and its employees with the upmost respect and professionalism.  It will never divulge the name of a CLIENT without the express permission of the CLIENT.

- LIABILITY:  the COMPANY will do everything in its power to ensure its WORK is 100% accurate, but it cannot indemnify the CLIENT nor AGENT against any misunderstandings nor errors.



 - will take English TEXT supplied by the CLIENT and ensure that its meaning is clear and concise, and exactly the message intended.
- may consult with the CLIENT as to the meaning of a TEXT should it be particularly unclear.
- undertakes to return amended/corrected TEXT with 24 hours of receipt.
- will to its best endeavour ensure the amended/corrected TEXT is correct, clear, and typo free, but will not be legally responsible should it not be, nor for its use.

- is not teaching nor forms part of any educational course nor syllabus.
- does not translate nor interpret TEXT.

- the COMPANY will supply TEXT it believes accurately reflects the CLIENT'S communication.  However, the decision to use and publish it is the responsibility of the CLIENT and at their own risk.  the COMPANY does not involve itself in such decision making processes, nor does it take any responsibility of its use.

EMPLOYMENT:  an agreed ORDER does not in way, or means, intend, suggest, nor confirm employment, in any form, by the CLIENT to the COMPANY and that the CLIENT has no responsibility, nor obligation, as to any legal, financial, nor tax matters appertaining to the COMPANY and their tax position within their taxable territory, and that the CLIENT will supply, any and all, information, should it be approached by a legal entity seeking such information.

DISPUTES:  any claim, matter or controversy arising out of or relating to these terms or the breach thereof, shall be decided by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1996, an Act of Parliament which regulates arbitration proceedings within the jurisdiction of England and Wales and Northern Ireland.  The Venue of Arbitration shall be London.

LEGAL:  the COMPANY is governed by the laws of England and Wales, and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

(Welcome to Kenney Consultancy)

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