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What I do

“In business speaking English has always been an advantage, but today writing it is essential. The right words can be the difference between winning and losing.” 


It's a fact, fairly or unfairly, that the global language of business happens to be English, and today most of it happens to be written.

This is unfortunate for those who do not have English as a first language because if they use badly written English in their international communications and are not understood they risk harming their business and reputation. Worse, it could make them look unprofessional, and the one thing about looking unprofessional is it always hands an advantage to the competition.

I make sure my clients avoid this danger by ensuring there are no unfortunate advertising or PR mistakes, and no apparent errors in documents, blogs, emails, websites, and other social media. I check marketing, packaging, and advertising because there is nothing more damaging to a business than customers and the public noticing avoidable mistakes. First impressions always stick, and errors, no matter how small, always generate negativity and questions about the authenticity of a business or a product.  

This is especially important for those companies chasing new business or launching a new product, as they usually only get one chance to impress. If their initial approaches raise suspicions rather than interest they will have little chance of impressing.  

I help businesses who understand this potential damage and work with them to help them maintain their competitive edge within their industry.

Many businesses rely on online translation sites (AI Chatbots are powered by the same translation technologies) as a solution, especially as they have improved so much over recent years. What they do not realise is that these sites, while suitable for general translation, are not yet strong enough for business communications. Especially as a few misplaced words in English can make a big difference and can break a marketing campaign, sales pitch, or important negotiation.

The world’s most successful online translation site claims its accuracy translating into English is around 96% for the most frequently used languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese), Chinese and East Asian languages 85%, Turkish and Arabic 80%, whereas it can be as low as 70% (30% inaccuracy) for the less used languages of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe.

This is for ‘literal’ (word-for-word) translations but when syntax, nuance, slang, and business terms are introduced (which all languages have) the accuracy drops even further, increasing the 4% inaccuracy (for the most used languages) into a possible unsafe translation, and 30% inaccuracy (for the least used languages) to just about impossible.

The question, therefore, is how can any professional business that struggles with English use these sites for their important communications if they do not know if the translations supplied convey the message they want to convey? 

In English, it only takes a few words in the wrong place to alter the meaning, which can be the difference between winning and losing.

How can any professional business risk this? 

Yet, thousands do every day (mostly unknowingly) harming their interests, their reputations, and ultimately their success.

This is where Kenney Consultancy steps in. I work mainly with clients in Central Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, and China (of course I am happy to work with anyone).

I help them by acting as a safety net available whenever needed, helping build their international presence and competitiveness by ensuring their important English communications are clear, concise, and exactly the intended message.  

While this is the main part of what I do I am also open to working on anything that helps my clients, and, as an example, have worked on a whole variety of other English assignments which they have needed my help with. From running Conversations Sessions (improving staff fluency, which is particularly beneficial for Customer Services, Accounts, Shipping, and Management) to writing Copy. I have explained what difficult pieces of text might mean to work on PR and Sales Campaigns. I have worked on Disputes, major Purchases, Acquisitions, Customer Services correspondence, senior Appointments, and Dismissals of agents. I've sorted out Misunderstandings and other Communication problems, and I have worked with Private Clients on a myriad of personal issues.  


I enjoy being involved and am happy to help with most things but will always be honest if it is beyond my abilities.


To facilitate using my services I do not charge by the word but by the hour at a fixed rate and operate on a ‘first come first served policy’ but offer my clients an opportunity to prebook which secures a more immediate response where I also offer discounts.


I maintain the utmost confidentiality in everything I do which is crucial to my success and I know the success of my clients.  It is utterly critical, and I invite you to view my Confidentiality page.


If you are a business or a private individual and you struggle with English in whatever form but need to use it, then please contact me as I can help you. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

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