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Confidentiality is utterly crucial to my business's existence. 


It is also critical for a lawyer, an accountant, consultant, freelancer, banker, auditor, IT engineer, all of whom are trusted by businesses and have access to confidential material, freely given to them as a norm by whoever they are working for.  
I believe my business is no different to these professions, and take it very seriously indeed.

When I work with a client I do so exclusively and do not involve any other party or person in any contract I work on, so maintain strict confidentiality by minimising exposure and maintaining the utmost discretion at all times.  

I am happy to discuss any measures a client might suggest to help secure their confidence. 

I am even willing, where circumstances warrant it, to discuss the possibility of granting exclusivity within an industry where I would agree not to work with immediate competitors.

In line with my strict confidentiality policy, all content related to any piece of work will be automatically deleted after 90 days from delivery unless there is a challenge by the client about the work.  

Confidentiality is at the core of all I do and is critical to my success, and the success of my business.

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