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Who I am

Nick Kenney - Consultant and CEO

I am a consultant, publisher, entrepreneur, and CEO of Kenney Consultancy Ltd.  I have worked in the publishing industry for most of my career.  I have a wealth of trade experience spanning many decades. Over 18 years, I worked for two of the UK’s most preeminent book publishing houses, Pan Macmillan, and Faber & Faber, where I ran their European/Asian, and global Export departments respectively.  For a further 12 years, I was CEO of publisher Cardooo Ltd which traded all over the world, giving me a unique insight and experience of a diverse range of issues, problems, and solutions.  

I work exclusively on a private consultancy basis for individual clients and businesses who need help writing English (I do not teach) where confidentiality is crucial.  I have undertaken many assignments on a whole variety of projects.  From working on private individuals’ thesis to important marketing campaigns, acquisitions, appointment and dismissal of agents and staff, to correcting emails, letters, blogs, websites, to explaining what difficult received text and messaging might mean.  I am happy to work on anything but will always be honest should a piece of work be too complex, legal, or technical.  I work exclusively on my own and do not share nor consult with anyone else, ensuring maximum confidentiality so always maintaining the utmost professionalism and discretion.


Editorial team

I have a small team of editors available should there be a high demand for my services. All my editors are well-trusted, native English-speaking, highly confidential professionals with decades of business experience.  They all understand and support my policy on confidentiality, and have signed a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Kenney Consultancy Ltd. To maintain confidentiality they will, as I do, work exclusively on their own, and will work without any knowledge of who the client is, and what country they are from. Should they require any advice or support, they will turn to me for it, and if necessary I will then contact the client. If for some unlikely reason, there is a necessity for them to know who the client is I will always seek the client's permission first. Confidentiality is crucial.

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