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An introduction to my business.

Our Services

What I do

The reason I started Kenney Consultancy was because I could not believe that there are still businesses from all around the world using badly written English for their advertising, marketing, PR, documents, social media, emails, and messaging, undermining themselves and what they represent.

I am amazed that companies that do not have English as a first language still have no idea of the damage this does to their business and their interests, so I thought I would try and help.

The problem is that the global language of business is English and if businesses wish to target international markets they need to interact in English, and mostly in written English. This is a problem because many still think if their spoken English is understood so will their written English.  This is a big mistake because badly spoken English is so much easier to comprehend than badly written English, which sometimes can be impossible to understand, yet it seems many businesses still insist on using it handing the advantage to their competition. 

Many use translation sites but they are not the solution because they make the same mistakes (this website has been translated by one) causing the same damage as they cannot give the required accuracy that business needs.

Especially, as in English it only takes a few words in the wrong place to alter the message leaving the recipient, the customer, the public, questioning the professionalism of the sender, and the sender questioning why their business, their product, their campaign, is not working. 


I can help ...



 “We have known and worked with Nick Kenney for many years, and have found him professional, reliable, and trustworthy.”

Wendy Lok CEO and Owner of Bailishi Hong Kong and the Joy Prints Corporation.

Nick Kenney - Who I am.

I am a consultant, publisher, entrepreneur, and CEO of Kenney Consultancy Ltd. I have worked in the publishing industry for most of my career, giving me a wealth of trade experience spanning many decades, allowing me a unique insight and experience of a diverse range of issues, problems, and solutions.  

Reaching out to ...

Charities, Legal and Accountancy firms

My target market is established SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) who wish to trade internationally and would benefit from my help.  You are charities and businesses that work alongside them.  I understand confidentiality requirements would not allow you to introduce them to me but had hoped you might introduce my ‘services’ to them, and in return, I would pay you a commission on all income generated. Not only would your donors and clients benefit from my services, but also in helping them communicate clearly their businesses should grow, which is not only in their interests but also in yours too, as their increased success should reflect an increase in donations and business with you. 

I hope you are interested and look forward to hearing from you.

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