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An introduction to my business.

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What I do

"Fairly, or unfairly, the global language of business happens to be English, and mostly written English, which is not easy for those businesses who do not have English as a first language."

My name is Nick Kenney and I have been in international book publishing for most of my life.


I work with companies (and individuals) who target international markets but struggle with English, and are aware of the potential damage to their business should they use badly written English in their communications. I help them to ensure their interactions are clear, concise, and exactly the message they intend, giving them the best chance possible to gain a competitive advantage.


The right words can be the difference between winning and losing. This is particularly relevant today where businesses and the public are bombarded with scams, spam, and unwelcomed messaging, making them suspicious and cautious. If they see emails, letters, advertising, PR, marketing, promotions, packaging, pitted with mistakes (which badly written English is) they are instinctively inclined to be distrustful of the message, and the messenger, dismissing the product, the business, without much thought. 


Online translation sites while impressive are not (yet) the solution, as they are never 100% accurate, so they are always wrong. In fact, the largest (and they claim most accurate) site in the world admits an inaccuracy of up to 15% for Chinese and East Asian languages, 20% for Turkish and Arabic, and as much as 30% inaccuracy for some Central, Eastern, and South European languages.

5% inaccuracy in English would make a translation ‘confusing’, 15% would make it ‘unsafe’, and 30% would make it ‘incomprehensible’. 

Launching a product, a marketing campaign, or even a business, in the international markets, is hard enough in today's competitive environment. If a company's English communications are also flawed and inaccurate, difficult to understand, then its chances of success are even worse, seriously diminished and compromised. If it is visibly compromised, then the consumer, the customer, the public, will question its professionalism, and the company will question why its marketing, its campaigns, its business, is not working.

I can help …


 “We have known and worked with Nick Kenney for many years, and have found him professional, reliable, and trustworthy.”

Wendy Lok CEO and Owner of Bailishi Hong Kong and the Joy Prints Corporation.

Nick Kenney - Who I am.

I am a consultant, publisher, entrepreneur, and CEO of Kenney Consultancy. I have worked in the publishing industry for most of my career, giving me a wealth of trade experience spanning many decades, allowing me a unique insight and experience of a diverse range of issues, problems, and solutions.  

Reaching out to ...

Legal, Financial, and Accountancy firms

I mainly help SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) who wish to trade internationally but struggle with their written English. You may have clients that could benefit from this help. I understand confidentiality requirements may not allow you to introduce them directly to me but had hoped you might introduce them to what I do and in return I would pay you a commission for your assistance. Not only would your clients benefit from my help, but also in helping them their business should grow, which is not only in their interests but also in yours too, as their increased success should reflect increased business with you. 

I hope you are interested and look forward to hearing from you.

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